Intuitive Pathways is a metaphysical reference site that hosts talented, REAL psychics and tarot readers. We provide articles, classes and other tools useful for spiritual enlightenment and guidance. Every reader featured on Intuitive Pathways has been tested by our staff and follows proper business and spiritual ethics.

Psychic Veronica:
Veronica is a psychic-medium, life coach and writer. She loves all things mystical, magical, poetic, paranormal and strange. Veronica believes she's been psychic since age 5. She's always known that she was meant to be something different than the others. Veronica has been doing readings professionally for 20+ years and started working the psychic circuit online in 2000.

Readings & Disclaimer:

* Readers with Intuitive Pathways will not provide gambling, investment, medical or legal advice.

* We am not responsible for the decisions you make and actions you take after our session.

* Readings should never take precedence over your own intuition while making decisions in your life.

* DO NOT use readings as a substitute for professional legal help, medical diagnosis/treatment or psychological assistance.

Our psychics will provide you with the probable outcome of each scenario presented during the reading. Keep in mind that timing is never set in stone and no psychic is 100% accurate.

By purchasing a reading you understand and agree that readers with Intuitive Pathways are not responsible for you or any aspect of your life.


Private readings are PRE-PAID, NO exceptions. To schedule an appointment and purchase your reading, go to the Private Readings page. Please read that page to get all the information before making your appointment.

Your psychic reserves the right to...

* Immediately terminate any session in which a client is abusive. You will not receive a refund for time lost.
* Refuse service to anyone who personally attacks them in any way, those they don't feel should get a reading and those who do charge backs.

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